Enterprise System Integration

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Our expert professionals use software and computer systems architectural principles to integrate a set of enterprise computer applications.

We at Swiftplm can guarantee a seamless, system-wide representation of the engineering processes in the PDMLink and SAP systems in order to maintain the consistency of the product data generated in both systems throughout the product life cycle.

Swiftplm has efficient workforce to develop and deploy following process:

  1. A bidirectional link between the Windchill PDMLink and SAP systems
  2. Synchronization of document data, drawings (PDMLink WTDocument and EPMDocument with SAP Document Info Record)
  3. Synchronization of material data (PDMLink WTPart with SAP material master data)
  4. Creation and updating of the engineering BOM in the SAP
  5. System-wide change process (PDMLink ECN, SAP ECM)
  6. Providing value lists from the SAP system
  7. Providing the SAP classification in PDMLink
  8. Time- and event-based control of data transmissions
  9. Migration of SAP data to PDMLink
  10. Custom implementations